• About the Writing Sensei: A Writing Tutor and Content Producer

    Who we are:

    Trish Cosey

    I have been a tutor for elementary and secondary school students, and mentor for college students since 1984, specializing in English, Writing, Math, Geography, Criminology, Computer Information Systems (Office Suite), and the Sciences. My students have won awards in Spelling Bees, Math competitions, and Science Fairs.

    I am currently tutoring adults for the Franklin Literacy Council, several independent students, and a group of truly brilliant children at the Grove Family Library in Chambersburg, PA.

    My own writing has been featured in Colorado Crossing, the Taylor Times, and several newspapers, including the Public Opinion. I won an award for Best Opening in a novel contest, and was accepted to Stanford University’s prestigious Online Writing Workshops’ second cohort. My current novel (Never Go Back) is in revision stages and is expected to be complete next spring.

    Jeff Cosey

    Jeff is a graduate of West Chester University and has been tutoring and mentoring university students since 1998. He has three published books: Jeff’s Oeuvre, Contempt, Inc., and The Story of My Life So Far.

    David Taylor

    Our IT specialist, David maintains our website and assists in the marketing of the business.  He is also our team photographer. Please contact David with any issues you find on this website at aworkingwebsite@gmail.com.

    What we do

    We mentor children and adults, encourage their natural talent, inspire them to write with style, grace and clarity, and show them how to develop confidence in their ability to achieve goals and dreams. Classes cover a wide range of writing topics and formats, and build the confidence and technical knowledge necessary to succeed as an author in an extremely competitive market.

  • Features

  • Writing, stories, books.  Beginning, middle, end.  It’s really fun.

    Thank you for doing this class.

    We employ The Writing Sensei to write website content for our website and website content for our clients on a regular basis.  Trish and Jeff both produce timely content that is Search Engine Optimized for almost any subject we need.

    The Writing Sensei helps us with blog posts for our website.

    The Writing Sensei writes content for our website and paper advertising we need to keep our business running.

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